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DRY chair wins gold in international design award

08. January 2020


Randers + Radius, the Danish furniture manufacturer, has won the German Design Award Gold 2020 for their popular chair DRY of which the seat and backrest in polyurethane are produced at Tinby A/S. It is the second time a Danish company is acknowledged for design product produced here at Tinby.

The award is solely given to pioneers who contribute to the German and international design scene and according to the jury consisting of 34 specialists, DRY won the German Design Award Gold 2020 for its unique, pure in style and comfortable design in the category ‘Office Furniture’. As it appears from the jury’s statement, the recognition is not only due to the design but also the chair’s comfortable seat produced from Tinby’s flexible polyurethane:

"With its surprisingly flat but flexible seat shell made of polyurethane integral foam with soft-touch surface and pleasant grip, the chair not only offers perfect sitting comfort but also works as a sound absorber”.

The flexible PUR in which the seat and backrest of the DRY chair is moulded in, is perfectly suitable for others products e.g. furniture parts, rehabilitation products, toys, playgrounds and baby equipment as the material in part is sound-absorbing, silky-smooth and soft to the touch and therefore particularly suitable for parts that come into daily, physical contact with the user - features the DRY manages to take full advantage of.

The surface of the DRY is lacquered which means the material is water-repellent and thus easy to clean. The surface is colourfast and highly resistant to UV radiation. The flexible PUR can be dyed in a wealth of modern colours, is biocompatible and does not release phthalates.

At Tinby we are delighted that Randers + Radius A/S has attracted the attention of the design council whose evaluation committee consists of prominent people within the world of architecture and design:

“On behalf of our customer we are really proud of the great recognition the DRY has achieved with its prize. As a supplier and manufacturer of the nice FlexPUR from which the seat and backrest of the DRY are made, we know that many people other than the jury have also been aware of the many design possibilities and excellent properties the material offers. In fact, one of our other products produced in FlexPUR, namely Leander's changing mat, Matty, also won the German Design Award last year for the exact same features. This is by no means surprising as the two products are produced using almost the same recipe,” says Tinby's sales engineer Michael Lind.

He also emphasizes that the design award is a nice recognition and can help Tinby open many doors in the international markets. “Naturally, we are extremely pleased with the indirect recognition of our work that lies in Randers + Radius's reception of the golden award,” he concludes.

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