Play – PUR for playgrounds and playground equipment

Playground equipment, toys, playgrounds, bicycle seats, changing table mats and dumbbells for outdoor training are just some of the uses our polyurethane can be put to, in the manufacturing segment we call Play. The material used in production of items in this category must, among other things, meet very strict safety, quality and durability requirements, and the materials we use are approved as being environmentally friendly and suitable for products made for babies and children. 


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Our flexible polyurethane (PUR), which we normally refer to as FlexPUR, is a type of foam plastic, that is both soft and extremely hard-wearing, which makes it great to work with as it can be - and is - used in a whole range of different products. Designers and those who work with PUR all over the world love this material, because it offers endless design options, and has an infinite number of fantastic properties. 

At Tinby, we custom-make each client's product according to their wishes - on the Shore A hardness scale from 20 to 70. Our technical know-how and expertise enable us to mould the exact item you need, in accordance with the applicable strict quality and health requirements.

If your products need to be biocompatible, i.e. tested as suitable for coming into contact with the skin for up to 24 hours a day, we can work together with you to find a solution. If you want to have a composite material, in which PUR is moulded around a wooden or aluminium core, then we can also offer this option. We also offer spirit-resistant varnish which is excellent for maintaining a high level of hygiene.  

Benefits of using Tinby's FlexPUR for Play products: 

  • FlexPUR is the optimal material for products that come into daily, physical contact with the user - e.g. seats and door handles
  • The feel of the material is very soft, so it provides the user with a high level of comfort (and can be manufactured with a silky-smooth, soft finish, among other things)
  • This sturdy material is particularly suitable for tough everyday use
  • It is water repellent, biocompatible, and does not release phthalates
  • It can handle frequent disinfection and withstand temperatures of up to 80º C
  • It can be manufactured in Shore A hardnesses from 20 - 70 - and can incorporate varying hardnesses in one product 
  • Colours can be introduced into the PUR to give the final product colour all the way through
  • The material is non-fade
  • It can also be finished in a biocompatible varnish


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At Tinby, we comply with the strictest manufacturing requirements that exist, including REACH, which is an EU regulation that was adopted in December 2006, and came into force on 1 June 2007. REACH is your guarantee that the different chemicals used by Tinby are all approved for use in regards to human and environmental safety.

Why don't we take a closer look at an idea or product together?

Do you and/or your company have a good idea, but are not sure how to take it from the drawing board to finished product - or do you just need a good sparring partner and/or competent manufacturer? Then why not get in touch with us to hear how we can help. Tinby has built up its expertise in manufacturing PUR products over many years, including within the Play segment. If you wish, Tinby can assist you right from the initial development phase, incorporating quality and functionality requirements into the design from the very beginning, based on the many options that are available using polyurethane. 

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